[B.H.E] vs [LoSeRs]

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[B.H.E] vs [LoSeRs]

The second clan war , between us and losers, there is infos
Team 1 : [B.H.E]Ronaldo, [B.H.E]Mr.Pro[K]
Team 2 : [LoSeRs]Rafa30, [LoSeRs]eXpa, [LoSeRs]Nike_Sport ( They were switching every 6 rounds )

Gametype : Search & Destroy

Roundlimit : 3 minutes

Scorelimit: 12

Result : B.H.E rapped LoSeRs for the second time , 12 - 8 :D, congratulations all bhe clans , and get ready all for IceOps Clanwar, cuz if we win it, we will be the best, but i think we should also duel with TWT clans.

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