B.H.E vs LoSeRs

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B.H.E vs LoSeRs

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Well , a new clan war for bhe, and it was B.H.E vs LoSeRs , and there is some infos

Gametype : Search and Destroy

Scorelimit : 12

Members : [B.H.E]Ronaldo ( Me :P ) , B.H.E|Kennydawg
               [LoSeRs]Rafa30 , [LoSeRs]Hawk

Hoster : [LoSeRs]Rafa30

Date : 1 / 1 / 2011 , in the first day in the christmas :D

Result : BHE rapped Losers, 12 - 8 to us. and it was the first time to play with sniper with , the game was so interesting , but it was a problem to play 2 v 2 only, maybe that's why it was easy this time, well i just posted that to say congratulations all bhe's member , and if there is any clan war or something don't forget to invite me and kenny on :D congratz again!

Screenshots : Not alot only 1 screen , screened by kennydawg


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Re: B.H.E vs LoSeRs

good job bro :) B.H.E 4 ever
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